The Hoodie - Damn They're Good

Ah, the hoodie: the one piece of clothing that stays at the front of the wardrobe.

We think every woman needs to have at least one hoodie close to hand. It's something that you can wear any day, any time, no matter if it's winter, spring or summer outside. A hoodie will complete any look, no matter if you wear sporty or preppy outfit.

Let’s all admit it – hoodies are the comfiest pieces of clothing ever created and if we can live in them, we definitely would. But if you think that this sporty essential can’t go beyond the gym or a lazy weekend afternoon, then you’re quite mistaken. As we all know, there are no rules (and Make No Apologies) in dressing up, and if you have the knack for it, you can wear almost anything anywhere, anytime.

Women are getting very creative with their hoodies, even putting together outfits that are suitable for the office and date night. Since comfort and looking cool are always important (at least to us), we rounded up the best recent looks to illustrate the many hoodie possibilities.