Our Story

Make No Apologies
Was created by Maeve Davies

This was fueled from a desire to build a clothing brand that would support all women through physical appearance and opinion. We never stick our middle finger up to the world, it’s about inner pride in who we are as individuals. Never arrogant or unapproachable. Politely confident in what we stand for, but never needing to apologise for who we are.


As a brand, we promise to satisfy our creative, hungry consumers with edgy fashion clothing USING ORGANIC AND RECLYCLED CLOTHING.


We are a brand with a voice, a brand with an individualistic approach to life, a brand that flourishes in the beauty of diversity.


Is to be the only destination for all women to find hip t-shirts that define their style and who they are. Creating a brand and environment that is so compelling that our customers feel an emotional tie to us.

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